Swamped Chapter 59 Page 2

The infirmary. She was headed in that direction, and it’s the sort of place someone might rush to. Seems worth a shot, at any rate.

You get there just as John Medic is leaving and Eve is taking over. You don’t see Lisa anywhere, but it seems surprisingly busy for this hour; there’s an actual lineup. About six knights seem to be waiting to get in.

Hmm. Did the greatrats and the attempted Marshguard attack cause that many problems? Or is something else going on?

You can’t help but wonder. And there’s a line of people to ask right here. But… asking people about their injuries is a tricky thing. Easy to come off as insensitive.

Though there’s one way you can start. There’s six people here, after all.

“Are you all from the same squad?” you ask the last knight in the line.

“That’s not funny,” he says, keeping his voice down. “I don’t appreciate being lumped with Squib Squad. Don’t know what they’re here for, maybe they just gave each other a pounding. Me, I got some bad stomach cramps, I think maybe there was something unpleasant in my swamp mush.”

Oh. Well. At least you found Squib Squad, apparently. It’s going to be a bit awkward starting a conversation with them here, though. Waiting their turn is likely to put them in a foul mood, and you’d rather not talk to them with someone else around. It’s likely to make them more guarded.

That’ll have to wait, though. You’ve started a conversation with this fellow, so it’s best to finish it.

“Sorry,” you say to the knight. “I just got back from leave. So I missed a lot around here. Couldn’t tell at a glance, just saw there were six of you and I was wondering.”

“Yeah, well, one of their squad quit the other night. Guess the Marshguard attack scared him away. Of course, he was always the least intimidating of the group. Can’t wait to see what musclehead they replace him with.”

His disdain is clear, but he’s also talking very quietly. He obviously doesn’t want the squad to hear him.

So. While you’ve got his attention, what should you talk to him about?

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