Swamped Chapter 59 Page 1

You can probably handle this Squib Squad on your own. Most bullies just need a little ego-stroking.

The problem is where to find them. Seeing as they’re not a permanent squad, they won’t exactly have their own room.

Well. With all the trouble the base has seen lately, they’re probably working. That’s likely why you haven’t seen as many knights as usual around. So if you could find out where they’re working, that would be…

Your train of thought breaks as you realize there’s someone else in the hall. Well! Maybe whoever it is can point you in the right way. You turn for a better look…

Wait. It’s Lisa. And she hasn’t noticed you at all. You’re quite sure of that because she never passes up an opportunity to give you a hard time. She rushes off hurriedly.

Something must really be holding her attention. Which means, of course, that you need to find out what.

Though, she’s moving rather fast. You’d have a hard time keeping up. It might be easier to try to predict where she’s heading.

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Based on the direction, she could be seeking medical attention.

For herself or for someone else, though? If it were an emergency would she be this discreet?