Swamped Chapter 58 Page 16

You can’t think of much. Might as well wrap this up casually for now.

“Well, it’s been a pleasure. I hope they can get Dean back soon,” you reply. “Keep your ears to the ground, everyone.”

It’s a pretty standard farewell when dealing with pest control. Just a reminder that funny little noises might mean something running around under the floorboards. Probably won’t get a reaction from Grey, though, unless what he’s hiding is that he saw something with big ears.

“Later Tom,” Greenbags says. “Stay on your toes.”

And Greenbags offers the typical reply to repair squad. This one stems from an old joke about fixing a high shelf. Ah, you missed that good old banter. Now it’s starting to feel like you’re home again.

You keep your eyes on Grey for any sign of a reaction, but there’s none. Though you think you catch a nervous glance from Nina out of the corner of your eye. Weird… but you’ve got to be getting a move on, if only for the sake of appearances.

That wasn’t too bad as a warmup. You didn’t pry anything out of Grey, but you got a good sense of events. And of the problem some knights have with Ash. You’ll just have to see if you can work out his secret later.

But now… well. Your plan was to head to the Rock. But maybe you should talk to Squib Squad first, just get a feel for their opinions on the officers. Might keep you from crossing any unpleasant lines in a more mixed crowd, at the least.

Then again, you might be walking into a mudcrawler’s nest if you try and meet with Squib Squad by yourself. If you go to the Rock, you should at least have a chance to find some backup.

You’ll need to think about this for a bit.

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It’s Squib Squad time!

Oh yikes it’s Lisa! But she doesn’t notice you? Aw man a secret that gets her that focused is bound to be good.