Swamped Chapter 58 Page 7

You decide to turn on the ol’ Tom Sixth charm.

“So what did you say to him?” you ask, batting your eyelashes a little.

First doesn’t seem to pay any attention to it.

“That’s confidential,” he says calmly. “Strictly between the two of us. That’s how it’s got to be with this sort of thing – it’d be bad if, for instance, I said something harsh about Ash and word got around and then he took on the post. Even if he didn’t take it personally, it’d be bound to get in the way of us both doing our jobs. Hells, it’d be awkward whether the vote went his way or not. So, whatever I said stays between me and the Postmaster and everything goes as smooth as it can.”

Well. That didn’t go so well. You were probably too direct, and now he’s not likely to tell you anything.

You’ve been out of practice too long, that’s the problem. Getting gossip in town was an entirely different beast, and you spent the last two weeks in a carriage on top of that. And your driver was all too happy to talk, so that wasn’t much of a challenge.

You’re going to need a warmup before you head to the Rock. Someone who opens up easy, but not so easy that you don’t even think about it.

So who can you think of who fits that bill?

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Ninth would just be happy to have another Tom around, so that’s a little too easy.

Lisa Black would immediately see through you so gotta watch out for her.

Oh! Dean would be the perfect candidate! Let’s go find him!.

What do you mean “captured”?