Swamped Chapter 57 Page 6

“Clams,” you mutter. You’re still trying to sort through your thoughts. “Clams didn’t tell me anything about what happened to Stinger. I’m wondering if one of the intruders got him, and if so, why didn’t Clams say anything.”

“That’s a good question. Clams doesn’t like making reports, but an intruder’s hardly routine.”

“And after what just happened with Butterfly, I’m not so sure there isn’t more to it than mere laziness.”

“Definitely seems odd,” Glimmer agrees. “I’ll pass that info on. At the very least, Clams is going to be getting one hell of a lecture. Okay, I’ll report what you told me. And I’ll be back in a few minutes to see how you’re doing.”

With that, he runs off. Just as well, you’d rather have some time to yourself right now. You’re mostly worried about how Stinger’s doing; Keeper knows a fair amount about medicine, but he doesn’t have the experience with it that you do. If there aren’t any complications, he’ll do fine… but there are almost always complications.

But you suppose there’s nothing you can do about that for now. Not without setting a terrible example for your patients.

Maybe you should just be grateful that you have a reprieve from all the messes happening tonight.

It’s a slow night at the Bogknight base, especially for you. You wonder if any of the Marshguards are this bored.

Well, you might as well get on with the task at hand.

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You’re a new Tom, just came in on the barge that took Clancy out.

You’ve been given instructions to “make yourself useful”. Since there seems to be some sort of uncertainty going on with the officers they haven’t assigned you a squad yet.

At the moment you’re delivering meal from Tom First to the postmaster.

Though looks like you’re interrupting a conservation between him and a rather attractive officer.