Swamped Chapter 57 Page 3

“Get something cold from Keeper. Stinger might need it, depending on how treatment goes.”

“Got it. Hope things go smoothly, then. I’ll make a point to head that way next.”

Glimmer gives you a smile and a salute and runs off. You have no idea how he manages to stay so cheery. Especially if there are supposed to be intruders around…

Wait. Is that what happened to Stinger? If it is, then you’ll really have to let Clams have it later. That’s exactly the sort of thing that has to be reported immediately!

You catch yourself. This is no time to get mad, however warranted it turns out to be. You have a patient to take care of. That’s the priority. You take a few deep breaths to calm down.

And then you hear another knock at the door. This one sounds more panicked.

“Doc! We’ve got an emergency!”

Wonderful. And you don’t have a spare bed. Well, it’s not as if you’ve never had to deal with that problem before.

You open the door to see who you need to take care of this time.

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It’s a trap.