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First things first. You want to make sure everyone’s all right back in the menagerie room. You aren’t seeing any other digging machines, at least. Though there’s quite a bit of activity now that everyone’s running around looking for other intruders.

You also don’t feel especially good about leaving Elmin alone, but Mantis seems to understand what’s going on, in his own weird way. So he’ll probably make sure she’s taken care of.

You hear a lot of noise as you get closer to the menagerie, though. You hope the damn things are being contained, at the very least.

You’re now Doc.

Clams ran in here a while ago, dropped off Stinger, and said that he’d been strangled, then ran off before you could get any explanation. Typical of him.

And indeed, Stinger’s neck doesn’t look to be in good shape. You can still see the impressions made by the attacker’s hands. But it seems someone intervened fast enough that he’s still breathing.


But at least this is a problem you’re equipped to handle. Breather masks aren’t perfect, after all, and you’ve more than once had to take care of patients who had theirs malfunction during a swim. This is actually going to be easier, because Stinger won’t have swampwater clogging up his lungs. You just have to get some air flow going.

And it doesn’t take you long to do that. But while setting it up, you notice something much more worrisome about Stinger’s condition.

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He’s mumbling in a strange language? Maybe his home language? Better check for head trauma, see if you can get him to respond. Better to assume a concussion until you can tell otherwise.