Swamped Chapter 56 Page 6

You march right up to Cattails. You can get better results up close.

“A more interesting question is, where were these creatures found,” you say, turning towards another officer. “Grief! You were the one who reported the charred wolves, right?”

“Yeah,” Grief says, nodding. “I was telling Needle’s squad to clean up the training room and two of ’em just popped right out of the closet. They weren’t too hostile, though, mostly just confused.”

“And Beach. Where did you spot those island hens?”

“In the roost, giving our crows a hard time.”

“Tallow, where was the plated badger?”

“Digging up a hole in my quarters! I’m still not allowed back in.”

“What are you getting at?” Cattails grumbles.

“You tell me. Where was the sea lizard?”

“You mean the one that got in a fight with Rider’s missing pet in the middle of the mess hall?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. I think my point’s clear enough now?”

“What, they were all in the base?”

“Exactly. Outside of the fortress, everything we’ve got information on is either definitely a desert creature, or something that wouldn’t be out of place there.”

“Wait. What about the eel?” Tallow asks.

“Oh, it was just swimming under the floorboards,” you say with a shrug. “I would have thought the dragon beetle larvae would have raised your curiosity more.”

Tallow looks a little bit worried.

“I guess I just mixed it up with that jar you brought in earlier.”

“Different kind of beetle. And those were just eggs.”

“Well, all I noticed was the Bogknight kid was freaking out about it, I didn’t catch the details. Thought it was a little weird you were including that in your list…”

Cattails is suddenly looking upset.

“Tallow, you damn fool! Just because the meeting’s boring doesn’t mean you can get away with not paying attention.”

Well, that was an interesting reaction. Seems you’ve got a couple of suspects now.

So how should you handle this?

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Tallow should also recall the metal part found near the larvae as well.

Day is almost over, better get everyone to vote on who they think is the Mafia…wait what game is this?