Swamped Chapter 56 Page 1

Razor looks surprisingly tired. He’s been on his feet for a while, you suppose, and he’s starting to show signs of strain.

“I need you to handle this next part of the meeting. I haven’t had time to discuss it with anyone else, and I’m not in any state to continue right now. My back is very, very sore. But we need to cover this now.”

He hands you a sheet and sits down. What in the hells, you’re not ready for this.

Well. Might as well see what he wants you to… oh. Of course. This is the briefing on what he’s worked out about the gateways. Only, judging from the notes he’s scrawled in the margin, he’s gotten a few ideas in his head since your talk about it earlier this afternoon.

He’s making a plan to drag Rider back from the desert. And you’re supposed to explain it to the officers.

All the while watching out for potential Kandrian spies among them, of course.

So. Where should you start?

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Uh…your base is currently being invaded by drilling machines…maybe deal with that first