Swamped Chapter 55 Page 7

“Ringer! You need any help? Make three quick rings if you do.”

You hear two quick rings, a pause, a punch, and a squawk, then another ring.

“I’m going to take that as a yes. The lamp broke, right? Can you get near the moss and ring your bell so I can find it?”

A few moments later, you hear some ringing, interspersed with more punching and fighting. It’s enough to at least find the glowing moss – without the magnification of the lamp, it’s not much light to see by, but it’s better than nothing.

And from what few glimpses you can see, it looks like Ringer is fighting… someone in a bird mask? Well, at least this one isn’t glowing, so it’s probably just for stealth and not magic.


They both seem to be taking quite a few blows. You’re not eager to go punching in the dark, though. But what are your other options?

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Something that Mantis said… sound magic cancels out light magic. Could this intruder be taking advantage of the other side of that equation?

Perhaps their mask uses sound magic to make them quiet, but they needed it to be dark for it to work.

But no, it wasn’t just sound that cancelled out the other mask’s spell… it was sound *magic* (which is contained in music). There’s nothing magical about lightmoss itself, is there? But the lamp has those finely traced etchings in the glass to catch the light. Could there be some magic to the patterns?

See if you can find the shards or remnants of the mosslamp and use them to reflect light from the hallway into the room, onto the intruder.