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“Well, despite the magic, it’s just a very deep sleep,” Mantis says. “So it’s not as if the normal methods for waking someone up won’t work… water, loud noises, causing pain. But you need to put a lot more force behind it than usual. So you’d need a really loud noise, for instance. Which is still a good deal more dangerous than directly removing the spell – noises that loud aren’t good for the ears, you know.”

“And how long is that going to take?” Bigfoot asks.

“No more than an hour.”

“What! We can’t delay the meeting that long.”

“Well, if we had a wizard to do direct ether manipulation, it could be sped up considerably. But we don’t, so we have to rely on less efficient methods.”

You don’t get what he’s babbling about. But you do have a thought.

“Hang on,” you say. “Those flames act up when there’s music around. Don’t suppose that could help with this problem?”

“Aha! That’s it!”

You and Bigfoot just stare at him.

“That’s why this has been so hard. This isn’t fire, it’s light. Which means it’s in conflict with sound. Thank you, that was very helpful.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Magic types. The green flames are meant to suggest fire magic, but they’re actually an illusion created with light magic. Sound magic counters that, and any song carries at least a little bit of magic in it. Which means you shouldn’t need the noise to be quite so loud as long as there’s a good melody to it. It will still need to be fairly loud, however.”

“Whatever. Is this going to speed things up?” Bigfoot asks.

“Again, I must stress that it is difficult to manipulate ether indirectly. But you should be able to wake up individuals. And if you were to wake everyone up, I could skip dispelling the effect, which would be the most time-consuming part.”

“Great,” you say. You turn to Bigfoot. “I’ll get right on that, unless you’d rather do it while I watch the prisoner?”

“Urgh. It’s bad enough being stuck on messenger duty. On the other hand, I’ve got no knack for music. At least you hang out with the performers sometimes.”

“Yeah, I’ll get them on it,” you agree. “Anyone I can find awake, at least.”

Ringer should be at the cells, which are far enough away that they might not have been affected. Or you could see if Quill’s awake. Then again, neither of them really specializes in music – you could look for someone who does. Might even be worth the trouble of waking them up if they were affected.

So who are you going to look for first?

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quill might know someone who specializes in music. wake him up.
Author’s Note:
It wasn’t until this update that I decided on why the music had been so effective. I made a spur of the moment decision that in this world, light and sound are opposing magic types.
At the time, this was mainly a way to explain something strange that had already happened. But it would turn out to have some interesting consequences later.