Swamped Chapter 54 Page 2

You decide to start by explaining things as simply as possible. You can get to the weird details once you’ve cleared up the basics.

“The wagon was stolen. I just happened to be in it at the time.”

“By who?” Corvus asks.

“By some people who live in the mountains. They used magic to do it, they might have something to do with this other wizard you ran into.”

“Great. Magic wagon thieves. So they could grab it again at any time?”

“I don’t think they will. I had a talk with the woman who grabbed it. She was nice, but strange. Seemed she had a spell where she could essentially read my mind, but only for things I was willing to tell her. Anyways, from the conversation, it seems they were just looking for the lodestone.”

“Which we already took somewhere else,” Corvus says. “And I suppose they know that now. And then what, she just let you go?”

“Well… more or less. Um, she said the village leaders wouldn’t be happy about it, but she seems to be pretty important. Called herself Oracle of the Sands? And I think they’ve got something to do with those raiders we ran into when we found the wagon.”

Corvus paces around for a bit.

“That’s worrying, considering how things went with the raiders. Can’t say I like the thought of their wizard keeping an eye on us.”

You suppose he’s got a point there.

“Oh, one more thing. When I first arrived, I kept hidden. I overheard the sounds of a battle before they found me and took me to the Oracle. They didn’t really know who the attackers were, though.”

“I hope it was just the wizard’s cronies, this whole thing is complicated enough already without yet another faction getting involved,” Corvus sighs. “So. Anything else to add? Or can we move on to whatever you wanted to talk to me about before this whole mess happened?”

Oh, that’s right, the sketchbook. You’d nearly forgotten.

You should probably make sure there isn’t anything important you left out before moving on to that, though.

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There was a metal thing… something that flew, but which you knocked out of the air with your slicer. Seemed to belong to whomever the mountain-folk were fighting.

Oh yeah, have you heard of an arrrship?