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“Two things. First, our camp is full of scientific experts, who can take a closer look at that technology. Just as one example, we wouldn’t have to just guess if they’re using darkwood as a power source – we could work that out for sure. Second, if this group is after something in the Marsh Fortress, it seems to me it would be worth making contact with the Marshguards about them, wouldn’t it? Tell them what they need to know to better fight it off themselves. If nothing else, that means there’s less work for you do to over in the swamp. Or are you poking around there for other reasons?”

“Our leadership wants us to remain discreet,” the figure says.

“Well. Too late for that. We’ve got contact with the Marshguards, thanks to some accidents with these gateways. And now we know you’ve been poking around in their swamp, without their permission. I’m sure they’ll be very eager to hear about why you haven’t informed them.”

The figure sighs deeply.

“Because we have reason to believe there are spies among their number. And not merely among the lower ranks. I can believe you have nothing to do with this group, as you warned us of the wizard’s arrival. But the Marshguards – we do not feel we could issue a warning without alerting our enemies. In fact, were I in your position, I would be very careful what I share with my contacts among them. For that matter, I cannot be sure that your camp has not been infiltrated; I am taking a great risk telling you even this much.”

Hmm. They are telling you quite a bit, aren’t they. Enough that it makes you wonder how much they agree with their leadership on the risks of looking for cooperation.

After all, if they hadn’t answered a question you weren’t really expecting them to answer, you wouldn’t have gotten to this point. So maybe it’s worth pressing your luck a bit with your questions.

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What kind of magic causes these gateways to appear?
How many wizards are we talking about here?
What should we call you?

Oh…what do you know about the Maiden’s Veil?