Swamped Chapter 52 Page 8

At last, we made our way past the iron doors,
But they’d laid traps upon the floors.
Between pits and arrows and bursts of flame,
One hundred lives the traps would claim.

You catch sight of the cleaning tools in a nearby corner. And that’s when you spot it – the muck rake.

It’s not really better than anything else in reach to hit the scentstone against. But there’s rocks in some of the enclosures. And the muckrake would let you get one out without having to directly contend with whatever’s using it.

So you opt to go for the muckdiver pen. They may make a big fuss, but they’re not really going to attack.

Of course, the rock you pull over to the edge is covered in muck. Well, hopefully Mantis can clean it off.

Our numbers were two hundred strong,
They told us nothing could go wrong…

A heavy scent starts filling the air. Thank goodness for your mask filter.

And indeed, the fenguin-thing seems to have an adverse reaction. It’s coughing like crazy. The longbird seems disoriented, too.

But those aren’t the only animals present, are they. Now you’ve got a ruckus on your hands.

First things first. You’ve got to deal with the intruder. That coughing probably won’t stop them forever. So you get around behind them and try to pull off the mask…

…which isn’t budging in the slightest. Figures. This kind of nonsense is exactly why you hate dealing with magic.

And now they’re flailing behind them, no doubt trying to catch you.

Now what?

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Well we have two more verses before this fight is over.

Funny how the fire around the mask doesn’t feel hot. Not even when you touch it.

Maybe this magic is similar to actual ether and it’s actually vaporizing off the wizard.

The Fenguin was a pretty large creature, and the mask started to burn brighter after they took that form, maybe you just have to wait it out.

Though you recall stories Silver shared about the marsh fortress. (Of course he wasn’t there) Wizards hated the fortress. They would sometimes push marshguards back to the fortress, but they could never take it. Something about the purple wood…

Wood which is largely absent from this room, Rider said too much upset the animals…even so, you know better than anyone there’s always more under your feet.