Swamped Chapter 52 Page 7

And as we neared the fortress walls
They greeted us with cannonballs.
We swerved and dodged as best we could,
But a hundred of us got struck down good.

Well, now that you think about it. You’ve got a whole room full of potential distractions. There’s lots of animals here, and if you could turn one against this sucker, that would make things way easier for you.

Too bad you don’t know much about animals, though. You’ve got no idea which creatures here could give that thing a good fight. Maybe the original fenguin, but Rider never worked his charms on that sucker. And it’s not looking to be in great shape right now, anyways. Maybe because of whatever magic the intruder used to take its form.

Well, you’re not completely clueless. You’ve spent time out in the swamp, after all. So you know some of the more important ones to avoid tangling with. Can’t go wrong with crocs, right?

Our numbers were three hundred strong,
They told us nothing could go wrong…

Hang on a second. Is that bird singing along with you?

Oh, yeah. That’s the one that was making all the racket a few days ago, wasn’t it. You think it’s called a longbird. You remember it put up a real fuss when you tried to feed it, but was strangely calm the next time. Probably Rider’s work.

Well. With the beak on that thing, you suspect it can put up a heck of a fight. You open up its cage, quickly, just as the fenguin-man rushes at you again.

It’s greeted by a very large and angry beak.

Now you just have to find a good place to rub the scentstone while those two go at it. Wood doesn’t work very well for this, you’re pretty sure – even sturdy wood just doesn’t hold up well against stone. Neither do the metal bars on the cages, that’d more likely just damage the scenstone.

That big, thick beak might actually work, but its owner would probably object and you’re not about to get on its bad side. Especially seeing how badly it’s pecking the intruder. The fenguin-thing is getting some good blows in too, though, so you definitely want to try to wrap this up quick. It’d be real good if the scentstone dazed the bird too, for that matter, since you can’t see how else you’re getting it back in its cage.

So. What can you use?

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Probably the muck rake.


(Hopefully Mantis doesn’t mind getting a little muck on his scentstone.)