Swamped Chapter 52 Page 4

You’re a pretty capable fighter, but this isn’t a situation where fighting seems like the best idea. Not until you work out what the opponent can actually do – maybe this is just some kind of elaborate bluff and they can’t really move like a fenguin.

So you start by keeping your distance, and letting the opponent make the first move.

At least, that was your plan. But it seems neither of you noticed Mantis meditating in a corner of the room.

And he seems strangely upset. You don’t see him upset very often. He stands up, steps right in front of the fenguinoid creature, and glares it right in the mask.

“Release that aura,” he says. “This is your only warning.”

The masked creature looks back at him.

“Sleep,” it says, and the flames on its mask glow a bit stronger.

Mantis promptly falls to the ground. Is this why you were having trouble getting anyone’s attention?

Then it turns its gaze on you. But the mask doesn’t seem to be doing anything this time. Maybe it only works on humans?

Whatever’s going on, you should probably make a move now.

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Throw something at its eyes, whatever might be laying around a menagerie.