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“We’ve got an intruder!” you shout. Hopefully that gets the attention of whoever else is nearby – Stinger’s going to need some help, and you wouldn’t mind having backup against this masked assassin.

The assassin doesn’t waste time, though. They rush at you as you’re yelling, reaching right for your throat.

But you catch their hands with your own before they get a chance. Not the first time someone’s underestimated your reflexes.

And your yelling has already borne fruit, as Clams rushes out into the hall. In his underclothes, mind, but he’s tough enough to take a few blows, and this assassin doesn’t seem armed.

He runs up behind them, just as they wrest themselves free of your grip. But before Clams can lay a hand on them, they vault over his shoulders and start running.

You’re already following.

“Get Stinger to Doc’s!” you shout back. “On the double!”

“And miss the fight?” Clams grumbles.

“That’s an order!”

The one good thing is that the assassin’s main concern seems to be escaping, rather than causing more damage. But they move fast, much faster than you’d expect for someone human – or at least human-sized. And your calls for help don’t seem to be getting much attention… is everyone sleeping that soundly, or are they busy with late shifts?

Maybe you should have told Clams to sound the alarm. Well, if he doesn’t think of that himself, you suppose Doc will once she hears about it.

In the meantime, you need to think of some way to cut off the assassin’s escape.

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How well do they know the layout of this place? Try to guide them towards the cells, they should be manned. If the assassin avoids your play, then they might know more about this place than an outsider should.