Swamped Chapter 51 Page 13

It’s a bad idea to surprise Stinger. You don’t know his past, but it’s clearly the sort where he had a lot of worry about people sneaking up on him.

So, you may not know what you’re in for, but you’re damn well going to make sure Stinger knows you’re here. You pound on the door very loudly just to get the point across.

Then you back off a bit as you open it. Just in case.

It turns out to be for the best, as someone charges out of the room just as you open the door. Whoever that someone is, they’ve got a mask with unusual crystals on it. That explains the light, though not where it came from earlier.

And whoever this is, it’s not Stinger. You can see him on the floor, gasping for breath. You might have gotten here just in time.

So. How do you handle this?

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You’ve sworn off killing but maybe you can trip him up?

Might be worth shouting to sound the alarm for any other nearby snoozers