Swamped Chapter 51 Page 9

“You are well aware of how valuable our benefactors’ aid is, I’m sure,” Razor says, not even waiting for you to respond. “So when one of them make a request of us, it is very important that we look into it promptly. Just before I called the officers in, the Council made a decision about such a request, and we need you to deliver our reply.” He hands you a sealed letter. “Take this to the Roost.”

You take a glance at the name on the envelope. Huh. They’re calling in a favor now, of all times?

“Is that all?” you ask. You suspect it isn’t.

“That’s all. Just make sure the crow’s been fed before it flies out. It’s a long trip, after all.”

Oh, that’s clear enough. You show yourself out, with official backing this time, and head over to the roost.

Then you check the feed bag. Deep inside is a list of names – all officers. Knowing Razor, you have no doubt what this means.

Surprisingly, Grey-Maw is at the top of the list. You did see her looking real grumpy at the meeting, but it was hard to separate that from how she usually looks.

Of course, Razor wouldn’t have time to update this with observations from the meeting, but you suppose that’s why he wanted you to have a look at it.

Well, first things first – you can tell from the seal on it that this letter isn’t just an excuse. And that means the crow probably does need to be fed, so you take care of that and send the message off.

Then you glance over the list and think about who’s on it. Is there anyone whose behavior during the meeting looks especially bad now that you know Razor suspects them?

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Well most everyone on here is in Rider’s group, great Razor, just what we need, more discord among the ranks.

The handwriting is definitely Razor’s though. Or…so you would think…except your name is on the list too…

Someone screwed up. There’s only one marshguard who can copy someone’s handwriting this well, and you just left him alone.

Looks like you need to have a chat with Quills about his “script”