Swamped Chapter 51 Page 7

The room is silent. Razor seems to have the crowd intimidated.

“No one wishes to speak up?” Razor continues. “No one is willing to come forward and say that the poison was used for any reason other than dealing with a greatrat infestation?”

Still silence.

“This is the last chance. If no one speaks up, then we accept the Bogknight’s story by default. In which case, of course, it would be irresponsible to tolerate rumors to the contrary.”

Lots of the humans seem unsettled. That’s kind of how Razor does things. You suppose you’ve got to pick out who seems to be struggling not to answer.

There’s two main reasons why someone might be looking to talk. Either they have real doubts, or they’re aiming to cause dissent.

If they’ve got real doubts, well, they might be a little worried about Razor’s tone of voice and everything, but they know he’d come down on them harder later if they thought of something and didn’t speak up.

A troublemaker, though. That’d be another matter. A troublemaker, especially a spy, would want the rumors to keep percolating, but wouldn’t want to be held responsible. They’d be trying to think of a way to bring it up that sounds plausible, or they’d think it best to keep quiet, avoid Razor’s attention, and look for another opportunity to stir up problems.

So you scan the crowd for anyone who looks like they’re thinking, not just panicked. If they wind up not bringing anything up… well, that’d be quite suspicious.

But as you’re looking, you catch a glance of Claws. She seems… bothered. She’s holding her hands together, claws out. You’ve seen her like that before; it’s something she does when she’s mulling over a hard decision.

Finally, she speaks up.

“Actually, Razor. I’ve got a question for the prisoner. Something that’s been bugging me for a while now.”

So that’s it. You saw for yourself just how upset Claws was after the vote to attack. If Razor’s ploy works, Claws’ vote against is effectively vindicated. But if the kid’s story is off, that’s another matter entirely.

Must be a real good question if she’s willing to risk her reputation over it.

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it’s just some esoterica about animals


Yeah like who cares Claws?

“When does the northern Raven roost?”

What a pointless question! Even Dean is taken aback. He can barely even stammer out the phrase “midnight” before being escorted out by Bigfoot. Are humans normally that pale?