Swamped Chapter 51 Page 3

“Well, I guess it’s not really an interrogation,” Shorty says. “But that’s what I put it down as in the paperwork, because I don’t know what else to call it when Bigfoot comes by and says Razor wants a prisoner at the meeting.”

You just stare at him.

“At the meeting? Seriously? Why in the hells would anyone bring a Bogknight prisoner to a mass meeting of the top officers?”

“Well, he is the most senior of the prisoners,” Shorty shrugs. “Maybe they want to send him back home with a message or something.”

“You wouldn’t need to drag him out of his cell for that, even if it were something we were ever inclined to do,” you mutter. “Well, guess it looks like I’m heading back to the meeting after all. Ringer, you can go do whatever.”

Ringer’s bell rings once, and you make your way down the hall.

Ringer is still following you.

“Let’s clarify that – you can go do whatever as long as it doesn’t involve following me around. I can move faster when I don’t have to worry about letting humans keep up.”

The bell rings quite a few times.

“Well if you’ve got something to say, you should have done that sooner so I’d pay attention. Try to make it quick, though.”

Ringer nods, and starts miming something out. It takes you a moment to realize what they’re doing.

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I think…they’re trying to make…bird noises?