Swamped Chapter 50 Page 10

Stefan excitedly shows you his results, and points to one line in particular.

“You detected… water?” you ask. “I thought I was picking up a liquid, but it didn’t quite match.”

“No, no! Not just water! Water on the other side of the gateway! Your readings are probably being thrown off because you’re further away.”

You glance again.

“That’s a lot of water, and not much else. Where does this gateway lead? A lake? The ocean?”

“Doesn’t matter where it goes!” Corvus shouts. “What matters is that’s a lot of water. And I just had a worrying thought about what they might be planning to do with a lot of water.”

You turn towards him, as does everyone else.

“Now, I don’t know magic, so maybe there’s some reason this wouldn’t work. But suppose, just suppose, you could make two gateways at once,” Corvus says. “And you have one leading to a lake or the ocean or wherever. And you’ve got another leading to, let’s say, a city. Then, you connect them somehow, and all of a sudden, you’ve got a flooded city, and nobody has the slightest clue you caused it because you were all the way out in the desert at the time.”

You muse on that.

“We should be able to pick it up in the readings if they’re doing that. Stefan?”

“No sign of a second anomaly. But then, we’ve never tried to detect two at once in the same place…”

“Could be the spell’s opening the second one, though,” Dominique says.

You’re faced with a hard decision. If Corvus’ theory is right, countless lives could be in danger if you don’t act now. But if you did intervene, you’d definitely be facing a wizard, and that’s no small matter.

What should you do?

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Dominique could drain the ether holding up the spell. It would take time to be done safely and you would need to store it somewhere, but it could prevent the gate from opening.

You could also blast it, you suppose.

What is Gregor mixing over there?


let’s not leap to apocalyptic interpretations here