Swamped Chapter 50 Page 9

“Corvus. I spent the better part of a day in a smelly swamp, halfway across the continent, surrounded by human military types and frightened out of my mind. All because of whatever in the hells is going on down there. I don’t know who’s responsible, or what they want, but they’re prepared to do untold damage in the process. And if we can’t fight them conventionally, then our best weapon is information. Find out how their stuff works. Maybe we can figure out a way to protect against it. What else are we supposed to do? Dig ourselves into little burrows and hope whatever they’re doing doesn’t affect us?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Corvus says. “I get the need to act. But it’s not worth risking a direct fight with a wizard before we have any sort of plan.”

“And right now, we’re getting the data we need to come up with a plan. Because that’s what we’re able to do.”

“And what makes it worth the risk? What are you even hoping to learn here that you didn’t already know?”

At that very moment, you hear an excited shout from Stefan.

“Pull me up! Pull me up! Director, you’ve got to see this!”

“Let’s find out, shall we?” you say, with just a hint of a smirk.

“I hope the wizard didn’t hear that,” Corvus mutters.

You head over to Stefan as Rudolph pulls in the rope. He hands over his notes, looking very pleased.

What’s he found out that’s so interesting?

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He’s covered in some kind of black goop.

But his notes say…

Stefan what have we told you about “mechanical tunnelers”? It’s a terrible idea not even physically feasible. No we don’t care that it explains the tunneler corpses, or that you found odd grind marks on the sandstone or that you’re holding…a weird…metal tooth…huh.