Swamped Chapter 50 Page 1

You decide to prioritize the anomaly. If you wait to investigate, it’ll be harder to sort out what happened. Important clues could be eaten by animals, or just decay in the harsh sands.

You promptly start assembling a team to look into it. Dominique insists on coming along to take ether measurements, which you suppose is reasonable. Theodore points out that there’s a lot of work to do at the camp, so you shouldn’t both go. He thinks it would be best for him to lead the expedition while you stay here, but he’ll go along with whatever you decide.

Stefan’s been doing most of the work on the anomalies. He seems a bit distressingly eager to study one up close, and some of his theories about them are frankly ludicrous, but you can’t deny his expertise is valuable here.

So you’ve got some decisions to make. Should you let Theodore lead the expedition, or lead it yourself while he manages things in camp? And who else should you send along, in either case?

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do it yourself. i don’t care who you bring


Stefan ought to go, since he’s just causing problems around camp in his attempts to test his wacked out theories sans anomaly.

It would make sense to bring someone to serve in a security officer role, given recent events and the possibility of hostile creatures or individuals being swept up in the anomaly.