Swamped Chapter 5 Page 17

The conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so you turn your attention to other things.

You consider getting up and stretching, but as the Marshguard said, there isn’t much room in here. Enough for some simple exercises, but that’s about it.

You did bring a notepad and pen, though. You consider writing something, but as soon as you contemplate what it might be, all your thoughts turn to that damn order you gave.

Maybe you should write about it… no, you can’t bring yourself to. Not until you feel you’ve done something to make things right. Sure, you’ve been demoted and you apologized, but none of that directly helps the poor kid.

But you still can’t sleep, so all you can do is listen to the rain falling outside. You can also barely hear the rainspawn growling or chirping or however the hell it is you describe that unnatural sound they make.

You almost wish you were out there. It’d serve you right.

You just keep listening until midnight, when you drift off from sheer exhaustion. You’re not even thinking about how hard that’s going to make tomorrow’s work.


You’re John Recordkeeper now. Due to your age and your job, you don’t really have to worry about when you get to sleep, though you’re still up far later than you expected.

Captain Long has asked you to look through the archives to see if a rain so soon after the annual storm is truly unprecedented. He seemed worried – not that he let it show, but you’ve been at this long enough that you can tell. So you’ve been digging through the weather records for the past several hours.

Unfortunately, in the process, you discovered a spot where the roof is leaking, and an entire box of files has been thoroughly soaked. Thankfully, the hole is far too small for any rainspawn to get through… not that you’re sure if they can climb up there in the first place.

You’ve already sent out a call for a repair team, but it’s not urgent so they likely won’t be in tonight. Really, you’re more concerned with trying to figure out just what kind of files were in this box in the first place.

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The few words you can make out seem to describe rainspawn, coincidentally, but you can’t make out anything that is really helpful


Is there anywhere where you can safely dry the pages? Say an oven or the like?


Historical records, mostly on lands adjacent to the swamp.

Sand or salt might help dry the pages quickly?