Swamped Chapter 5 Page 14

Really, there’s only one question on your mind. Maybe it’s the staff and cloak, maybe it’s the imposing figure he presents, but you can’t help but feel like the captain is the one person in the base who might know something.

“Sir. The main reason I came here was my father. A scholar. He studied this swamp, and one day he vanished. I… I know this is a long shot, but, have you any idea if he might be around here, somewhere?”

“A scholar of the swamp, you say.” Captain Long seems thoughtful. “Sadly, I have no news I can pass along to you, but I will make a note of the matter.”

“I’m, sorry for bothering you with it. I suppose you’ve got a lot to do already.”

“Worry not. I am hardly in any place to judge someone for coming here for personal reasons. Is that all?”

“Well. I may want to talk to you later. Once I’ve decided what I’m doing, I mean.”

“Unfortunately, my work keeps me busy much of the time, and even more in the rain. I will contact you when I know I have time to spare, and we can arrange a meeting then. For now, I’m afraid I must get back to work. I hope I have been able to ease your pain in some way.”

He leaves, and you find yourself wondering just what it is you’ve gotten yourself into. You’ve been given another chance to just leave, although this time with one less arm. Maybe you should take it.

But that can wait. Before long, Cindy comes back in, followed a bit later by Tom First and John Medic with a bigger-than-usual bowl of swamp mush. Even Sergeant Burgundy stops by to apologize, though by that point you’re quite worn out. The Medic suggests she come by tomorrow, and you drift off to sleep.

Of course, not everyone is sleeping as soundly as you are tonight. Who else is awake, and what are they doing?

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Private Burgundy can’t sleep, wrought with guilt!

John Recordkeeper, trying to salvage some works that were the victims of an unexpected roof leak