Swamped Chapter 5 Page 2

Your first thought is to ask Sergeant Greenwoods what you should be doing to prepare for the rain. She’s your commanding officer, after all.

Unfortunately, you can’t find her anywhere in the lounge, and you’re not sure where she might be. For all you know she could be out with the scouting team.

In fact, there don’t seem to be any officers in the lounge right now. None that you recognize, anyway, and if they were here you doubt they’d have let that argument become such a spectacle.

Your suspicions are confirmed as you hear someone rushing in and shout “BURGUNDY’S COMING!”, followed by excited shouts of “hide the chicken!” and the next thing you know, everyone’s shuffled into orderly lines and somebody’s shoved a swamphen into your hands. Which, you can’t help but notice, has rather sharp teeth in its beak.

It appears that the task of hiding the swamphen from the watchful gaze of Sergeant Burgundy has been thrust upon you, likely because you’ve got the lowest rank in the whole base. So how are you going to handle this?

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Just kind of, stand in the corner inconspicuously and just hold the chicken. the best disguise is to not act suspicious and attract attention to yourself!
Does your uniform happen to come with any jacket components? If so, shove the chicken in there. Otherwise, under your shirt. Chickens are very dim creatures, and if it is covered with a cloth it will think it’s night and go to sleep. Simple! Easy! Inconspicuous!
Uh…. uh…. uh….. this is, uh, a piƱata