Swamped Chapter 49 Page 6

You make a gesture of covering up the wall.

“Block out the light?” Crosswinds says. “Dunno. If it’s something troublesome, the light may be the least of our worries…”

At that moment, you feel the ground shaking.

“Oh hells,” Crosswinds grumbles. “Don’t tell me we’ve got a live tunneler this time.”

“The dead one was enough trouble,” Quill groans. “Should we sound the alarm?”

“No, we check it out and then we sound the alarm if we need to. A tremor like that should already have gotten everyone’s attention. Come on, you two!”

“But… where are we going?”

“We’re going for the hole where we found the dead one. If we do have another one down here, it’ll smell the trail of another one and want to check that out. We should be able to see it from a safe distance. Now get moving!”

You and Quill dutifully run after Crosswinds. But just as you’re leaving, you think you notice the strange light fading away entirely…

You’re now Yvonne. You’ve had a busy night.

And it only seems to be getting busier. First the wagon vanishes, only for it to come back with the one-armed human kid in it, and now you’re getting reports of a large anomaly being detected. The compass is reacting, too. So there was some kind of big gateway opening, and you can’t tell right now which way something went through it.

This is on top of the meeting about ways to listen in on the mountains. Plenty of ideas brought up, but you still haven’t quite got everything figured out.

So. What are you dealing with first?

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the anomaly is time-sensitive, so check out it first

One of your researchers is super excited about it.

Though you never cared for their conspiracy theories.