Swamped Chapter 49 Page 3

It’s been nearly a month since you had a chance to practice your hand at the piano. You’re nowhere near Strings’ level, but you can play a few simple songs and sound better than a rat chewing away at the chords.

You decide to try something just a little more complex this time. Just to see how it goes.

The answer is, not well. You find yourself pausing often to check the sheet, and you make more than a few slip-ups. You can’t even tell how bad it sounds, because you’re barely getting five notes out at a time.

Well. That’s what practice is for, isn’t it? You start over again, this time determined to get at least eight notes out at once.

But as you do, you catch something out of the corner of your eye. The light seems to be… moving? Shifting? It’s doing something.

You touch a few keys experimentally. The light seems to react consistently, doing the same thing when you press the same key.

Very strange. And it’s probably going to be a little awkward to explain when Quill and Crosswinds get back.

Hmm. Actually, they’re taking longer than you expected to arrive. Not so much that you’re actually worried, but maybe you ought to have a look.

Then again, you are supposed to be keeping an eye on these instruments.

What should you do?

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practice makes perfect

Does it react to your bell?

Oh odd Crosswinds just popped up from a floorboard. They haven’t talked to Quill yet, huh?

And of course they disappear right when Quill gets back.