Swamped Chapter 49 Page 2

Something on the other side of the wall seems to be glowing.

Your first thought is that there might be a stray patch of lightmoss in the walls, but the color’s off for that. Maybe there’s some kind of contamination?

No, a closer look at the pattern suggests it’s not just discolored lightmoss. It’s too clean, too uniform. You hesitate to call it unnatural – crystals form in nature, after all, and they can produce fairly regular light patterns. But it doesn’t seem like it’s coming from something alive.

You figure this is something Strings should have a look at. You knock on the door and, for good measure, ring your bell so she knows it’s you.

But it’s not Strings who answers the door, it’s Quill.

“Hey Ringer,” he says. “Looking for Strings?”

You ring once.

“She’s not here. Claws keeps grabbing her whenever she’s got free time. Don’t know what that’s about, Strings says it’s some kind of punishment but won’t give me any details. So I’m taking over her shifts on the instruments in the meantime.”

Well. You don’t have quite the same rapport with Quill, but he’s hardly a stranger. You point to the wall.

“Huh,” he says. “That’s an odd color. Any idea how long that’s been there?”

You ring your bell twice.

“I suppose we’d best report it, then. Probably to Crosswinds. Though, I suppose it’ll go smoother all around if I talk to them, so why don’t you keep watch on the instruments in the meantime?”

You ring your bell agreeably and step inside.

There’s no formal duty to watch the instruments. Rather, it’s something that your little “troupe” decided to do of their own accord. At any given time, someone is watching this storeroom, mostly to chase away any pests that might slip in and think about chewing on the instruments. You all give up free time to do it, but most of you use it as an opportunity to practice, so it’s not really wasted.

In fact, you can see Quill’s notebook on a table, already open. No doubt working on his next masterpiece.

So. What are you going to do while you wait for Crosswinds and Quill to get back?

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Play that sucker! You’re not as good as Strings buy you can bust out a few notes…

Is the light…responding?


take out your red pen and start editing quill’s draft