Swamped Chapter 49 Page 1

You’re still feeling tired. Maybe it’s a side effect of the spell, or maybe you’re just worn out.

Whatever the case, you decide you need to warm up a bit before you really get moving. The wagon’s still advancing, anyhow.

You’re Ringer now, back in the swamp. Your guard duty shift is over, and you’re looking to kill an hour or two before you head to sleep.

Of course, it hasn’t escaped your notice that something’s felt off lately in the fortress. And you don’t mean the smell.

Rather, you’ve noticed some people have been unusually quiet in the halls lately. Most people probably wouldn’t notice, but lacking a voice of your own, you tend to pay attention to the voices of others. And right now, a lot of those voices haven’t been speaking.

Usually means they have something to hide. Something besides their past, that is.

Still, you’re not one to raise the alarm based on vague suspicions. Your bell’s got more flexibility than that.

That’s why you’re paying a visit to your old pal Strings. She’s better at working out if you’re overreacting, but she always takes you seriously even when you are.

But just as you’re approaching the storeroom with the instruments, you think you spot something odd.

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It looks like a kind of shimmering glow seeping through the purple wooden wall. You’d think it was your eyesight failing you if nearby objects weren’t casting faint (but definite) shadows from its light.