Swamped Chapter 48 Page 28

Do your people have a name?

“In the Guardians’ tongue, they call this place simply Iv, and that applies to the village and its people. It’s just their word for ‘us’, nothing fancy.”

What role do you serve in this village?

“I take care of the cavern garden. And I give the elders a piece of my mind. That’s not the job they wanted me to do, mind you, but I’ve got the clout to do it and lemme tell you, this place needs someone with that job. The magic doesn’t hurt, either.”

Gardening? Seems like an unusual job for someone who called herself an oracle.

“Well. It’s not easy to grow anything out in the desert. That’s why this job takes someone with special talents. Can’t really give away anything more than that, though.”

You feel a hard bump.

“Oh, there we go. You’re starting to wake up. That was the wagon driving over something, not that I can see just what from here. I’m just a dream, after all.”

Your dream starts to fade, and you find yourself awake.

Now what?

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now be someone else. be uh… strings, or ringer

Maybe one has been ordered to keep tabs on the other.