Swamped Chapter 48 Page 21

“Because you think I might have hidden what you’re looking for? I didn’t.”

The old woman nods, satisfied.

“So you didn’t take it out.”

Wait a minute.

“Did they already search?”

“It’s another useful thing about this talent of mine. You can have two entirely separate conversations without anyone listening in on the other one. I suppose your grebling friends have it and this was a big waste of our time, then.”

“Um, I don’t know where they’d have put it, but yeah, they probably took it out. Whatever it is.”

“I figured as much. Well. Not much use keeping you and the wagon around here, then. Hmmph, this is the problem with hiding out in the middle of nowhere, you forget how to negotiate properly.”

The scrawny person says something you can’t understand.

“No, we’re not taking a hostage. We’re just sending the wagon and this youngster back, along with a message.”

“Now?” you ask.

“Soon,” says the woman. “I have preparations to make.”

With that, she walks off to another corner of the cave, leaving you alone with her… guards? You’re not sure what to call them.

You wonder if it’s worth trying to strike up a conversation, despite the language barrier.

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So… Get much rain here?