Swamped Chapter 48 Page 16

“Um, if it helps, I don’t have any weapons on me,” you say. “I lost the only one I had.”

For the moment, you don’t care to explain¬†how you lost it. Or that you only really need something to throw. And bringing up the magic seems especially ill-advised.

They continue talking to each other. There must be some kind of argument. After a few minutes, the smaller one produces a length of rope.


They seem to struggle with the word, but the meaning is clear enough.

“Okay,” you say. You haven’t exactly got a lot of choice.

About a minute later, you’re tied up and being dragged along. You don’t know where to, but you do notice them leaving the area.

“Um, we’re walking? What about the wagon?” you ask.

The one-armed woman glares at you. You’re pretty sure she’s wondering how you know about that.

“I was in it when I arrived. I, um, followed you for a bit. I don’t mean any harm, I just want to know what’s going on.”

This seems to start the discussion between the two again. You get the distinct feeling they’re arguing with each other, but you already gave yourself up. What’s even left to argue about? You don’t have any idea.

As you’re waiting for the incomprehensible argument to resolve, your eye catches a glint of something metal. On a second glance, you think you see your slicer lying on top of whatever it is.

You wonder if you should call their attention to that. You’re certainly curious about it yourself.

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Yeah, try using your legs to point it out or nudge the metal thing if you can.

Metal thing: Scamper away