Swamped Chapter 48 Page 11

You decide to just wait, and see where they go. If they don’t head back to the settlement, the wagon should leave a distinctive trail for you to follow.

That’s when it strikes you – how are they going to get the wagon over the fence? You didn’t see any gates. Are they going to lift the whole thing? That seems unlikely, with just two people…

And yet, sure enough, the wagon is raised a foot off the ground as they approach the fence. You can’t tell from here if they’re holding onto it – you can only see one of the pair. So the other must be lifting, either with magic or with brute strength.

Whichever it is, you don’t feel your slicer is going to be enough if it comes down to a fight.

They head away from the settlement, the wagon landing on the ground. You wait a few minutes, so you’ll hopefully be a good distance behind them. You doubt you can count on finding cover.

It’s a long route. You couldn’t say how long, but you’re definitely feeling exhausted when you follow the wagon tracks to a cave entrance. Seems they’ve taken it inside.

You have no idea how far in they are, though. If you just head in right now, they might spot you. Not to mention how tired you are; you definitely can’t handle a confrontation in this state.

So what should you do?

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Gotta get out of this heat.

Poke around to see if there are any other little caves or crannies you can hole up in nearby to take a breather. Where the geology is conducive to one cave, there may be others.