Swamped Chapter 48 Page 10

Somewhere along the way, you loaned out your long goggles. You wish you had them now, you might be able to get a better look at whoever’s coming.

Well. You have the rest of your uniform, at least. It should let you stay low to the ground safely. You contemplate hiding under the wagon, but then you figure they’re more likely to pay attention to it. Instead, you slip under a desert-horse around the far edges of the enclosure. Hopefully, between the darkness and the crowd, you’ll go unnoticed.

They arrive unusually fast. You could swear it’s only been about five minutes since you spotted their lanterns in the distance.

There’s two of them, and they speak a language you don’t understand at all. But you can tell that the wagon is what interests them. One of them steps inside, while the other stays out and looks around. What they’re looking for, you’ve got no idea. Just preparing for a possible ambush?

After a few minutes, the first of them steps out. Judging by her body language, she’s frustrated, though you don’t have a clue why. The two of them start to leave.

Then the wagon starts following them. You don’t see them attaching one of the desert horses to it, though. Did they summon another drawing to move it? You can’t see from this angle.

What should you do now?

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Wait for them to leave, then follow their tracks.