Swamped Chapter 48 Page 8

You can’t help but worry that whoever or whatever brought you here is going to arrive, but the fact that you haven’t seen them yet suggests you have some time to find your bearings.

You take a quick look around the wagon for things that might be useful. About all you can find is a length of rope near the post. You’re not sure how well you’ll be able to use it with one arm, but you might well find yourself wanting it. You coil it up and put it in your pouch as best you can.

After that, you decide to risk opening the door and slipping out.

You immediately regret it as you feel the eyes of several nearby desert-horses turning towards you. They’re not doing anything aggressive, at least, but they definitely seem wary of you. You’d best not disturb them.

You can’t see any sign that these desert-horses have been tamed. There aren’t any reins or saddles on them. On the other hand, most wild animals react noticeably to humans; they hide, they scream, they run away. These desert-horses are just standing around. They seem bothered by your presence, but otherwise unconcerned.

You don’t know what to make of that yet. Maybe it would be more productive to look at something else in the area.

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Go to a nearby city and find a horse tamer to learn from.

Author’s Note:

I had one suggestion to hide and one to go out and look around, so I asked for a tiebreaker. “Go out and look around” won.