Swamped Chapter 48 Page 7

You think you hear something outside the wagon.

You head to the driver’s seat again and take a look. You could use the door, but if it’s something dangerous you’d rather have a way to slip back inside easily.

You’ve landed, but you’re not sure where. Most likely it’s on the mountain you saw earlier. The desert-horse drawing that was pulling the wagon seems to have vanished, but there are plenty of real desert-horses milling about. You don’t see any people, though.

The desert-horses seem agitated for some reason. You don’t know why. You just hope they don’t knock the wagon off the mountain or something.

Not that you know how far you are from a cliff edge. You’d rather not know that right now, honestly.

So now what are you supposed to do? Just wait and see if someone shows up?

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Something moved that cart there, it’s odd that it would just stop. Something is going to come. Better do what you do best and hide before they do.


You’d better scout around. But first raid the wagon for supplies.