Swamped Chapter 48 Page 2

You get in the driver’s seat for a better look. It doesn’t seem as if it matters right now if anyone’s sitting there.

Up ahead, you can see a mountain looming in the distance, and a large sandstorm. You can’t really tell which way the desert-horse is headed, but at the rate the sandstorm is moving, you’re sure to be caught in it either way.

Perhaps you should take shelter back in the wagon. Or perhaps you should just try to jump out and make your way back to the camp.

But what if the creature is after you for some reason? You’re not sure you’d be in any position to fend it off if it decided to pursue you, and you definitely can’t outrun it.

And if it’s not after you… well, why is it taking the wagon? Does it want the lodestone Pubert mentioned? Something else? Whatever it’s after, you have no idea of its purpose.

What can you even do?

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Go back into the shelter of the wagon and look at the pictures again, more closely this time, and see if you can assemble them into a meaningful order. Maybe they’re the formula for something magical like that weird novel was. If nothing else, maybe you’ll see something you missed at first glance.