Swamped Chapter 48 Page 1

“Hey! Stop!” you yell. But whoever’s driving doesn’t stop.

It’s not that wagoner making a break for it, is it? You think they already tried that. Must be desperate if they’re making another attempt.

You get your slicer ready, and head for the driver’s seat. It’ll be hard to dodge and drive at the same time, you reason.

Wait. There’s no driver.

But there’s something wrong with the desert horse. It looks like a drawing, just like the crow you saw earlier. Drawing or not, though, it’s strong enough to pull this wagon.

You’re beginning to suspect your slicer won’t do any good here. But you don’t actually know how to do magic at will.

But unless you can figure that out or think of some other way to harm the beast, you’ll be dragged away to…

Wait. Where is this thing headed, anyways?

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Looks like it’s headed towards that mountain in the distance…oh no wait…that’s a sandstorm.

Or is it a sandstorm coming from a mountain?