Swamped Chapter 47 Page 26

You begin to reach for your slicer, but the crow’s moving too fast. Instinctively, you swat it away.

Then you notice your hand is on your slicer. You realize, very suddenly, that you swatted it away with nothing at all. But whatever you did, it’s reeling.

Then, all of a sudden, it vanishes.

You’re not sure what happened. Then you think about what you know.

Long told you that wizards can store spells in books. You just found a strange sketchbook, in a package with your family crest on it. You were just attacked by a crow that looked like a drawing.

Could it have been summoned from the sketchbook somehow? Perhaps a trap set by the original owner?

It’s the best explanation you have, but you barely understand magic. The crow might have been something else entirely for all you know.

You decide to just sit in the wagon and wait for now. Hopefully you won’t get attacked by any other drawings.

A few uneventful minutes later, you feel the wagon start to move. Then it picks up speed rather rapidly.

You don’t know what’s going on, but you think you should probably do something.

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Maybe shouting would be a good idea.