Swamped Chapter 47 Page 23

Your first thought is to show it to Captain Long. He’s in the sketchbook, after all.

But… you can’t help but glance at the sketch of him and your father, and you wonder just how much he knows. And what would he be willing to tell you? He might conceal what some of the text says, or try to mislead you.

The safest option is to ask a grebling. With all the expertise they’ve got here, they’ve probably got someone who specializes in languages. And they’d be unlikely to have any dealings in Kandria to hide.

You put the sketchbook back in the package, then store them both in your pouch. It’s a bit of a struggle with one arm, but you’re getting used to that now.

As for who to ask… well, you recall seeing a tent with a holy symbol on it. Priests tend to be fairly well-read and often know several languages; and even if this one doesn’t, he can probably point you to someone who can.

So you walk over there, only to run into Corvus.

He stares at you for a moment.

“Have you seen Rivers?” he asks. “I need to talk to her about something. And, ah, while I’m at it, are you feeling okay? Just checking up on everyone.”

“I’m fine,” you say.

“Good, good. So, have you seen her around?”

“She marched off with a grebling kid who was causing trouble. Um, I don’t know exactly where she went, though. No, wait… she mentioned a Max?”

“Great. I guess I can ask around where that is, at least. Say, are you heading to bed soon?”

“I don’t know,” you say. “I’ve spent a lot of the day lying around as it is.”

“Well, if you’re not, do you know where I can find you? The way things have been going lately, I might have to play messenger for Rider or Long. And I don’t want to go rushing around everywhere if I can help it.”

Hmm. You don’t have your plans finalized, but you do know roughly what you’re going to do next.

But you’re not sure if you want to be easily found. It depends on what this sketchbook turns out to say.

What should you tell him?

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You know, maybe Corvus is somebody you could trust. Ask him if he can keep a secret. And if he can read Kandrian.