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“Okay, so maybe I found it,” you say. “So what? You say it’s your family crest, but you can’t prove it, and I still caught you sneaking into Theo’s workshop.”

“No, we caught you sneaking in,” says the one with two arms.

“Whatever. Look, here’s my offer. You don’t snitch on me, I don’t snitch on you, and to sweeten the deal I’ll let you have this thing. But, you need to let me see what’s inside.”

“No deal. We’re not doing anything wrong, unlike you.”

“But hang on, I’d like to take a look at that package,” the one-armed human interjects.

“Then this little squirt can just hand it over, because clearly it’s got something to do with you. Right?”

“Tell me what you’re doing here and maybe I will,” you say, digging in. You may be in deep, but you’re not letting these two walk all over you.

“We don’t gotta tell you squat,” says the one, and then the other says “We just wanted to check a map, that’s all.”

“Goddamn it, Marshall, you didn’t have to say anything,” the two-armed human grumbles.

“What? I didn’t say anything about why, I thought that was safe enough. And I figured the conversation would just keep going in circles if we didn’t explain something.”

“So why did you want to look at the map, then?” you ask.

“That’s none of your goddamn business. Now hand over that thing, because I’m pretty sure it’s not yours.”

“It’s not yours, either,” you retort.

Then the two-armed human just picks you up and holds you a couple of feet off the ground.

“Okay, I’m tired of playing nice,” she says. “Marshall, take the stupid box, and let’s forget the map. It wasn’t anything important anyways.”

“But it’s not mine,” Marshall protests.

“You’re the one whose family crest is on it. At the very least, I know you’ll take better care of it than this brat.”

The one-armed human hesitates a bit, then takes the box. Great, now you can’t give it back to that other human.

“Okay, now let’s see. I think Belle mentioned Max had a troublemaking kid, so let’s take you over there.” The human grabs the leash from you. “I bet you don’t even have permission to give this sucker a walk. Later, Marshall.”

You’re now Marshall and you’re a little bit baffled by everything that just happened. You just wanted to look at Theo’s map of the continent and figure out the intersection Rivers got her name from.

But, without her around to tell you the route, you can’t really get any further with that idea. And now you have this strange box with your family crest on it – specifically, the Laikenne crest.

So what do you do now?

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