Swamped Chapter 47 Page 18

You contemplate thanking Junior with a swamp shanty, but it occurs to you that you don’t know any with lyrics suitable for children. Besides, they might just go singing it to everyone and making a nuisance of themselves.

So you just thank Junior for indulging your curiosity, and head off towards Marshall’s tent.

Before poking your head in, you check your pouch, in case you have to get the package out.

That’s when you realize it’s missing.

Well. You’d better find it. But first, you opt to check in with Rivers. Maybe you can get her to help you look.

You’re now Junior.

You’ve never really understood a lot of the things humans like to carry around with them, but this funny little box is a new one entirely. You’re a little curious what’s inside, but it’s kind of hard to open.

But you’re not really interested in opening it. You’re just looking to play with the human a little, after all.

You only did this once before, on some pilgrims stopping by for a rest. But they were really boring and they got upset with the director lady afterwards, even though they got their stuff back – it was just greener. Maybe this guy will be a better sport, or at least more fun to watch.

You just need to think about what to do with this thing before you slip it back where it’s supposed to go. This might be your only chance to pull a good prank for months, so you’d best make it count.

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Slip lizard-worm poop into the package.

This top part looks like it twists off, and maybe a human could do it by hand, but you’re gonna need the wrench.