Swamped Chapter 47 Page 12

The word “stranger” stings just a bit. You just barged in here and started asking questions without even giving your name. You’re just used to being in a place where everyone either knows your name or doesn’t care enough to ask for it.

“Um, sorry for interrupting your practice,” you say a little awkwardly. “I’m Corvus.”

You extend your hand awkwardly. The priest shakes it, without much enthusiasm.

“Jebediah. Jeb for short. And it’s quite all right. I wasn’t doing much of anything regardless. Can’t really get to work without that wrench.”

“I could ask Yvonne about it for you.”

“I suppose that’s better than having you watch the tent while I do it,” Jeb says with a shrug. “May Reth watch over you, honored guest.”

You don’t think the prayer was insincere, exactly, but he doesn’t sound like he cares for giving it.

“Thanks. Er, you too,” you say, a little awkwardly.

You head out of the tent and make your way back to Yvonne’s. Hopefully Rider won’t give you trouble for not making the delivery yet.

On the way, you keep an eye out for Marshall or Rivers, but you don’t see either of them. Probably seems worth checking their assigned tents next, but both are a bit out of the way.

You open the flap slightly to announce your arrival, but then you happen to hear a surprising snippet of the conversation inside, and you have to take a moment to think about it.

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Listen to conversation before you do anything stupid.