Swamped Chapter 47 Page 6

Well. The most straightforward way of going about this is to slip into Marshall’s tent, leave the package in there, and basically just get it over with quickly.

The two issues with that are, first, Marshall might be in the tent, and second, somebody else might see you. Both of which can be dealt with easily enough as long as you have some plausible excuse for talking to Marshall. You might not be able to plant the package cleanly, but you can at least get away and wait for a better chance.

Of course, the first thing you need is an excuse. The simplest thing that comes to mind is just checking up on all the humans. Nobody would think that was too weird – Starling’s already sick, after all. And Rivers, at the very least, would fully expect you to check on her first.

So you head to the tent, and are surprised to find two greblings, with large metal bowls tied to their heads.

“Where’s Rivers?” you ask. “I thought she was on watch here.”

“She told us she needed a break, and asked us to take over,” says one of the greblings. “Um, do you think this is a good enough helmet if Starling tries to get out again?”

You let out a deep sigh.

“I’ll just go in and have a talk with her about that,” you mutter. You probably need to do this more than you need to deal with Rider’s package, anyhow.

When you go inside, Starling is sitting up on her bed. But she doesn’t look well at all. She looks worse than she did after Pubert grabbed her.

This probably isn’t the time for a lecture after all. You need to give some thought about what to say.

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Ask her if she’s okay.

She’s a little out of it, but she says she needs to tell you something for your ears only.

Do that funny impression that always makes her laugh (on the inside… you think).