Swamped Chapter 47 Page 5

He pulls something out of his pouch and hands it to you, along with a note. He doesn’t say anything more.

Looks like he’s being discreet, for whatever reason. You excuse yourself, and step out to look at the note.

“This is for Marshall. However, I do not want my involvement in this gift to be known. It would probably be best if you were not seen delivering it, either. Dispose of this note as soon as possible.”

Oh, of course he can’t just do this like normal people do and say something like, “here Marshall, here’s a gift from your Uncle Rider”. No, it’s got to be done quietly through an intermediary, because the fate of the swamp rests on it or some nonsense like that.

You have half a mind to just skip all the cloak-and-dagger stuff and hand it over directly.

But you can’t. Rider trusts you. Gods know what you did to earn that trust, but you’ve got it, and you’re not going to betray it. Not without a damn good reason, anyways.

So how are you supposed to slip this thing to Marshall quietly?

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With an obnoxious distraction. Invite Marshall to a party.

I bet you could hide it in the right sleeve of his spare shirt, once you get him out of his tent.

It escaped.