Swamped Chapter 46 Page 17

No. You are not getting dragged into this mess. At the very least, not until you’ve got some idea what it is you’re getting dragged into.

Even if you were going to foolishly get involved without any further information, you’d be in much better shape if you brought Rider along.

Instead, you just make a mental note that Long’s cloak is magic and he can maybe try to disrupt a spell with it or something. You’re fully expecting to cross paths with this mystery wizard again, so any edge you can get is worth remembering.

So you just sit tight, and the wagon makes its way back to camp. You see a herd of unfamiliar desert creatures along the way, but they seem to be fleeing. Maybe it’s because of the storm gathering. Whatever the details, it suits you just fine if they’re not getting in your way.

The rest of the journey to camp is relatively uneventful. You occasionally glance behind you, and you can see that the full sandstorm has formed, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything in particular. Yet.

Finally, you arrive back at camp. Now that you’re here, what should you do?

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Yeah, any details you can get from Simone about the kidnappers could prove insightful. What do they want? Why did they kidnap her? Who and where are they?