Swamped Chapter 46 Page 16

“Well. It’s more of a theory,” Long says. “If we were going to do something, I’d need to draw the wizard’s attention in order to disrupt the spell so it’s safer for us to stay here. And I do have an idea on how I could do that… but I can’t actually be sure it would work. Since we don’t actually have a plan other than fleeing, though, it’s something of a moot point.”

“Would it help us get away?”

“It would help you get away. I, however, would immediately make myself a target, and that sort of thing seems to upset you. And if it didn’t work after all, I’d just be leaving you without a guide who can detect the ether.”

“Might as well come out and say what it is you’re thinking anyways.”

“All right. I was informed earlier than my cloak has had its ether recharged. I might – and I must emphasize the word might here – be able to use it to siphon off ether from our wizard’s spell. This would be noticed almost immediately, and it would be fairly obvious to anyone with ether detection abilities where the disruption was coming from.”

“Okay, I don’t quite get the magic stuff, but the point is, they’d seek you out to make you stop.”

“More than likely. But without a next step to the plan, there’s little point in it.”

Ugh, dammit, it’s just as you feared. He told you what he was thinking, and now you’re wondering if there’s something you can do with it, instead of just sensibly waiting to get back to camp and regroup.
You really hope you don’t come up with any ideas before it’s too late to turn back.

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We don’t have any skin in this fight, and joining in on the side of the crow god or the wizard(s) without knowing what they’re fighting about could have unintended consequences.

The ether-draining cloak trick might be useful in the future, but for now we should get Simone back to camp safely and warn the rest of the camp about these strange goings on.