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“Why a crow?” you suddenly wonder. “That’s really been bugging me. I’m not much on religious lore, is a crow associated with any particular god?”

“Reth,” Simone says suddenly. “Well, really she’s about birds in general, but crows are her favorite. At least, that’s what the pilgrims usually said.”

“Pilgrims?” This sounds vaguely familiar, but you can’t recall it as a main thread of conversation.

“Reth’s main temple is in this desert,” Yvonne says. “Because of the debt greblings owe her, we offer our camp as a resting place for her followers as they journey to and from it.”

You start mulling over that.

“How far is it from here? I feel like we’re going to get more answers over there than we are if we watch this fight play out. Neither side seems all that interested in explaining anything to us.”

“It’s a three-day pilgrimage from our camp, but the pilgrims go on foot for religious reasons, and that involves a lot of resting,” Yvonne says. “With this wagon… I’d say about eight hours. It’s quite the detour. And personally, if we don’t need to stay here I’d rather get back to camp with Simone. You’re the one who wanted to stay and watch.”

“That was before a freaking wizard showed up!” you protest.

“If you really want, we could go back to camp now, and then you can gather a group to go check out the temple,” says Rudolph. “It’ll only add a couple of hours to the trip. Don’t see how it’d help to go there, but if that’s what we’re doing, I figure we might as well regroup at camp first.”

He’s got a point. This isn’t really anything more than a hunch, and if you go back, you can ask Rider to help you investigate.

But just as you’re about to agree, Long finally speaks up, after a considerable silence.

What does he want to say?

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